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Graphic Overlay image which details various product features
Printing In Four Days Or Less – Minimum Quantity - 1

We offer a seamless process with Online Quoting and Quick Turnaround!

We are the online complete source for short run custom control panels, graphic overlays, name plates and subsurface printed materials including Lexan® and our exclusive LexSaver®.


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custom shapes



Yellow and blue EchoSwitch custom shape control panel with internal cutouts
Multi-spot color KrosFlo rectangle control panel with transparent windows
Green and gray Outsite Networks custom shape control panel
Blue and white rectangle control panel with five cutouts
Blue and orange rectangle Meeblip control panel with internal cutouts
Multi-spot color MasterFlex rectangle control panel with internal cutouts


Materials And Adhesives
Materials: Lexan® (polycarbonate) is a semi-rigid material with a matte finish surface perfect for Nameplates, Membrane Switchpads and Graphic Overlays. We offer three 3M Brand adhesives to suit your needs.

-3M 467: 2 mil adhesive smooth surface
-3M 468: 5 mil adhesive rough surface
-3M 300-LSE: 2 mil adhesive for Low Surface Energy surfaces

LexSaver® is a Maverick original overlaminate-substrate material combination (5 mil velvet Lexan® overlaminate with a poly or vinyl substrate) which can be an excellent alternative to more expensive and less flexible Lexan® and other substrates.
Background Colors
We offer 50+ opaque printing colors to choose from. If your graphic overlay or faceplate has transparent windows, white will automatically be chosen to back all printing in these colors.

Six of the 50+ colors meet the industry standard for ANSI safety colors and may be used for safety and caution signs. If you wish to use an industry-standard ANSI safety color in your label, you should select from Fireball Red 485, Safety Orange 152, Yellow 7405, Green 3415, Intense Blue 2945, or Safety Gray 430.

In addition to our standard colors, we can produce hundreds of other PMS colors by combining our standard colors below. Note that this technique will always be more costly than using a single standard color, and it is not appropriate for certain types of graphics like small text or thin lines where registration of the two colors would be a problem.
Control Panel Shapes & Sizes
Virtually any size and shape in any design can be precision cut to your specifications with NO DIE or TOOLING CHARGES.
Special Features

Transparent Windows

Transparent windows can be clear or printed with one of our 8 transparent colors on all materials.


Internal cutouts are all cuts in addition to the perimeter of your graphic overlay. Tolerance for perimeter and all internal cutouts is +/- .01"

Adhesive Free Areas

Necessary when windows and areas of the graphic overlay will cover push buttons and adhesive may not be desirable. We recommend our 10-mil Lexan® polycarbonate for Graphic Overlays with adhesive free areas for best results as the adhesive is applied after the subsurface printing is complete.

Adhesive areas can come in almost any shape and size. Just specify adhesive free areas in your art file and allow .050" tolerance around all windows. A minimum .250" of adhesive is required at the perimeter for guaranteed adhesion.
UL & RoHS Compliant
Many of our graphic overlay products meet the requirements for UL (Underwriters Laboratories) recognized systems and are also RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant.

UL compliance - If your graphic overlay or nameplate requires UL recognition, be sure you have checked the UL box at the top of the quoter. This will limit your options to only those that fit the UL criteria. All our graphic overlay printing colors qualify.

RoHS compliance - If your graphic overlay or nameplate requires RoHS compliance, you can be assured that all our materials and adhesives will meet your needs. The transparent colors and standard printing colors are all compliant except for any color containing yellow or orange.
We Offer A Seamless Process With Online Quoting And Quick Turnaround!
We're not like most suppliers; we produce your graphic overlays and other short run products with no Tooling or Die Charges for unique shapes and internal cutouts. If you can design it, we can print it!

Your free online digital proof will ensure your order prints to spec or you are welcome to request a physical prototype to verify alignment before proceeding with your full order.

You can count on us for innovative money saving solutions like our LexSaver® material. This could be just the cost saving material you've been looking for when flexibility and durability are at the top of your requirements list.

In only 4 days or less, your custom graphic overlay or other short run product will be on its way to you.

For prototypes, custom graphic overlays, and short run projects, Maverick Label cannot be beat.

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Referred by my wife, a local librarian that uses your service. I was quite surprised and impressed in the communication turn around and the order I placed. Thank you!
Ordering from the website was easy peasy.
We really like our overlays.