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Custom Foil Labels - Printed, Stamped, or Embossed

Foil labels are a premium labeling solution that adds a touch of sophistication and luxury to your products. Great for branding, packaging, and promoting- they catch attention and make your products look high quality.

Our foil printing processes and materials provide more than shiny inks, which lack the pop and elegance of true foil printing. We make the custom foil labels from real foil and stamp them onto the material of your choice. With paper, polyester, and foil to choose from, you can create nearly any look you dream up.

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Foil Labels Features

Highly Customizable

Indoor Applications

Custom labels stamped into real foil and pressed into the material of your choice - perfect for prestigious indoor products.

Extended Colors

Permanent Adhesive

Pressure-sensitive permanent adhesive provides durability and longevity to your custom labels.

Embossing Available

Embossing Available

Give your labels a three-dimensional and tactile appearance with heat-stamp embossing.

Foil Stamp Colors

Stamp Color - Black
Stamp Color - Black
Bright Gold
Stamp Color - Silver
Bright Silver
Stamp Color - Bright Copper
Bright Copper
Stamp Color - Red
Stamp Color - Green
Stamp Color - Teal
Stamp Color - Blue
Stamp Color - Purple

Foil Labels FAQ

Embossing means pressing an image into paper, so that image lies above the surface. We use heat stamping, sometimes referred to as a "cameo" or "tool," to achieve this effect.

Foil embossing creates depth and adds distinction to help your labels stand out. These labels are not only visually striking, but also have a tactile touch that is appealing to customers.

Foil stamped labels take the elegance up a notch. We press colored foil onto paper or poly material to create a vibrant and rich appearance of your artwork. We offer 9 standard foil colors in our online quoter. From gold foil labels to purple foil labels, we have numerous options to create unique and impressive products.

Determining the right foil label for your project will depend on the overall look you are trying to achieve. Contact us at [email protected] to get additional help with getting a custom quote.

Adding embossing to your gold foil labels or stickers will help your labels stand out even more. The embossing provides a 3-D look to your label that will draw the eyes of your customers.

Various industries use foil stickers or labels to enhance their products and add elegance to their branding. Common foil label and sticker applications are:

  • Health and Beauty: Showcase the luxury of your products with foil labels. Foil labels are perfect for candle labels, skincare labels, cosmetic labels, and more.

  • Food and Beverage: Elevate your food and beverage packaging with these labels that'll stand out on shelves. From chocolate and candy companies to high end kombucha brands, we've printed foil labels for many customers in this space.

  • Beer, Wine, and Spirits: Foil labels add elegance and help your brand stand out on crowded shelves.

We offer several different label materials beyond traditional foil. We also offer paper or poly materials that can be foil stamped in a variety of colors. Poly or paper label stocks offer more durability and longevity while still having the distinct foil pressed on top.

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Reviews (417)

4.7 4.7



Sherman Oaks, California

The customer service I received from Jesse and Chris was terrific. The labels look great, as well. I highly recommend working with Jesse, Chris and Maverick!



Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

Very pleased with our labels!



Salt Lake City, Utah

Jesse was absolutely wonderful to work with on our reorder! Super simple process and labels look great again :)



Peyton, Colorado

The customer service was amazing Chris Ford went above and beyond to help me with my order from start to finish. He also ensured I recieved my order on time. Great teammate!



Salt Lake City, Utah

Jesse H is amazing!!! Labels turned out great, we are very happy with them.