Custom Industrial Asset Tags and Equipment Labels

An effective labeling strategy for all the assets within your industrial facility should be a high priority. Proper use of tags, decals and related labels can make your workspace safer and more organized. Maverick Label is your one-stop-shop for when you need labels that can withstand harsh conditions.

Asset Tags
Asset Tags

We have a wide selection of materials and adhesives for all your custom asset tag needs - polyester, vinyl, and metal materials. Our Design Online Tool creates a proof of your asset tag instantly in your browser! Easily include barcodes, serial numbering, and logos for free. We offer 3-day production on asset tag orders of 1000 or less.

Equipment and Warning Labels
Equipment and Warning Labels

Our custom equipment and warning labels are durable enough for the most demanding indoor and outdoor applications. Our specialty materials are heat resistant, chemical resistant, uv resistant, and water resistant. These heavy duty, specially made labels are suitable for the toughest conditions and environments.

Control Panels
Control Panels

Control panels can be customized with transparent windows, adhesive free areas, and cutouts to clearly communicate information on machinery and equipment. They are made from durable materials that can withstand harsh environmental conditions, including extreme temperatures, moisture, and chemical exposure, ensuring long-lasting visibility and legibility.

Industrial Label Features

Indoor and Outdoor Applications

Ultra Durable

We offer vinyl, polyester, or metal materials to make industrial labels, which are more durable than traditional labels. These are the best choice when you need waterproof labels, uv resistant labels, or chemical resistant labels.

Promote Your Brand

Any Size or Shape

We make labels of any shape or size using digital cutters with no extra charges. Easily upload your artwork to our online quoter and enter your custom size. Include internal cutouts and adhesive-free areas as well.

Permanent Adhesive

ANSI Approved Colors

For safety labels, choose from ANSI approved options like Fireball Red, Safety orange, Yellow, Green, Intense Blue, or Safety Gray.

Industrial Equipment Labels & Control Panels FAQ

We offer many variations of equipment and industrial labels, because no two applications are the same. Some popular use cases include:

  • Tagging equipment that will be outdoors or in harsh environments
  • Machinery that experiences heavy use or chemical exposure
  • Blocking out mistakes on other labels or products with block out vinyl
  • Ensuring equipment security with holographic materials
  • Applying high-quality branding to small production runs
  • Adding custom industrial stickers to prototypes
  • Compliant warning labels that educate users on potential dangers

Premium Vinyl

Our high-quality vinyl is perfect for printing and can stick to slightly curved or uneven surfaces. It's great for most low surface energy uses, and is available in a variety of material colors.


Polyester outperforms vinyl in durability and is an excellent choice for labels that will endure high temperatures and regular abrasion.


Our 10 mil Lexan® provides long-lasting durability and can stick to rough surfaces. This polycarbonate material is subsurface printed and the velvet surface masks minor surface scratches keeping your label looking new for years. This material is available in matte and velvet finishes.

PVC Plastic

PVC plastic is a semi-rigid material used for permits, id tags, door hangers, etc. This material accepts all of our printing colors and can be score cut for easy folding.

You can add laminates and adhesives to any material to provide extra durability. Laminates protect the look of your labels and adhesives help them stay securely in place. See our Materials Guide for more information on laminates and adhesives.

Many industries use heavy duty equipment labels and asset tags. Including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare and Hospitals
  • Construction
  • Information Technology
  • Bio-technology
  • Engineering
  • Automotive
  • Government

Organizations use custom asset tags to track physical assets and discourage fraud. By choosing design and materials, you can get custom tags that meet your needs perfectly and look professional.

Polyester asset labels are a great way to protect your company's digital and office equipment. To prevent theft of valuable equipment, our security silver asset tags are a great option.

For assets that need waterproof protection, check out our metal or LexSaver®plus asset tags that have the longest durability.

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