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Destructible security labels
Product labels

Destructible Labels for Security

Make it easy to detect evidence of tampering

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Destructible Vinyl

Use destructible labels to spot evidence of tampering, deter theft, and prevent item swapping, rebranding, or counterfeiting. Destructible labels cannot be removed in one piece, so they cannot be reused. They fragment easily, so it is difficult to remove them completely from a tagged item.

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Destructible vinyl labels are made of a material that rips and tears apart easily. Once applied to a surface, the label cannot be removed in one piece. The strong adhesive and easily-fragmented material means that it is difficult to remove the entire label; pieces are left behind.

This means is you can quickly spot evidence of tampering or attempts at removal, and it also means the label cannot be reused or repositioned, deterring counterfeiting or rebranding as well as theft.

Note: Lamination is not offered on these labels, as it would cancel the label's destructibility.


• "Engineering grade" white reflective vinyl film with a permanent adhesive
• Thickness: 5mil
• Rated for 7 years outdoor use
• Temperature rated between -30F to 200F (apply in temps above 50F) 
• Resistant to mild abrasion, chemicals
• May be applied to a variety of smooth to moderately irregular surfaces
• May be used on curved surfaces


• Theft deterrent
• Fraud protection
• Counterfeiting/rebranding prevention
• To show evidence of tampering that:
 - would void warranties (along seams or other vulnerable parts of machinery)
 - may signal attempted harm (sealed containers, etc.)

Quick Facts on Destructible Labels

• For indoor and outdoor use (water & UV resistant)
• Design online or custom printed from your artwork
• Custom shapes and sizes
• Wide choice of colors
• Instant online pricing & secure ordering
• Barcodes & sequential numbering are available (for scanability, white will be printed behind the barcode)

Production Time

Production time is just 3 business days for tamper-proof stickers. Production time begins after you approve your proof. 

100% Guaranteed

We guarantee your 100% satisfaction with our products. We stand behind our guarantee by offering you a prompt refund or replacement of your labels.

A Solution for Every Application

• Electronics (computers, cellphones)
• Printers and other office equipment
• Tools & machinery
• Rental equipment
• Furniture
• Safety, fire, law enforcement, or
   military equipment
• Classroom/laboratory equipment
• Packaging (software, other products)
• Any place where you want to be able to detect evidence of tampering

Protect Your Brand, Your Inventory and Your Business!

By implementing tamper-evident labels into product packaging, you can:
- Guard against counterfeiting and
- Improve revenue
- Reduce the risk to your brand
- Reduce inventory shrinkage

Want to See How They Work?

Ask for your free sample kit. We'll send you samples of our destructible labels – no charge, of course. No salesman will call.

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