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Custom-Printed Tags & Connectors

Available in the most popular sizes and color options

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Rating Totals: 13903 Ratings including 7653 Reviews
Overall Rating:4.7/5.0 4.7
Value for Price: 4.5    Quality:4.7   Service: 4.8

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Maverick Review
Reviewed by - Murrieta, California United States flag

Overall Rating: 5 / 5.0 5
keep up the good work
Value for Price: 5 Excellent
Quality: 5 Excellent
Service: 5 Excellent

Maverick Review
Reviewed by - Orlando, Florida United States flag

Overall Rating: 4.7 / 5.0 4.7
I was very pleased with the quality and accuracy or our custom tags! I will definitely put Mavarick Labels on our preferred vendor list!
Value for Price: 4 Good
Quality: 5 Excellent
Service: 5 Excellent

Maverick Review
Reviewed by - Carlsbad, New Mexico United States flag

Overall Rating: 4.3 / 5.0 4.3
Stacy is the best! She hepled with a shipping problem and even got us the labels before the agreed upon reciept date. Thank You
Value for Price: 4 Good
Quality: 4 Good
Service: 5 Excellent

Maverick Review
Reviewed by - Chestertown, New York United States flag

Overall Rating: 5 / 5.0 5
You did a awesome job !!my labels came out better than i expected
Value for Price: 5 Excellent
Quality: 5 Excellent
Service: 5 Excellent

Maverick Review
Reviewed by - Lakeside, California United States flag

Overall Rating: 4.3 / 5.0 4.3
Would like to have a shorter production time but that is the way of all of my customers! Thank you for getting the order here before the time that was predicted!
Value for Price: 4 Good
Quality: 5 Excellent
Service: 4 Good

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• Printed in black ink on your choice of 7 colors
• Available in popular #5 and #8 sizes
• Add consecutive numbering in any position
• Double-sided printing available
• Pre-punched reinforced eyelets
• 5-day production (1000 minimum quantity) Learn More...


  • Custom Tag Sizes

    Custom Tag Sizes

    We keep size choices simple and affordable. There are thousands of custom tag sizes out there but just two of them handle most custom tag needs. To make your job easier and to make sure you get a common size that will always be around – and as a result - affordable - we offer the #5 and the #8 custom tag sizes. Common, usable, low cost custom tag size choices.
  • Custom Tag Materials

    Custom Tag Materials

    There are 7 custom tag materials to choose from. Traditional manila and white are the most popular colors – and we have them. We also give you high alert colors including yellow, red and orange. These are the right colors for danger, warning, RTK and other types of custom tags that require high visibility. 
  • Connectors


    Your connector choices are: 9 gauge twine cut string or 26 gauge wire or no connectors.
    Need wire connectors for your custom tags? Got 'em. Rather have twine connectors? We have those, too. Don't want connectors? No problem. If you do opt for connectors, check the “I Need Connector” box on the pricing page. If you want your tags strung with twine when you get them, just check the “Pre-String Connector” checkbox that appears when you select twine.
  • Numbering


    Consecutive numbering can be printed in any position on your custom tag. All numbering is printed in black ink in our standard numeric font size and style. Note: Please indicate the location of consecutive numbering in your artwork to avoid delays.

Custom Tag Information:

Custom Tag Sizes
• The most common sizes for custom-printed tags are #5 (2 3/8” x 4 3/4”) and #8 (3 1/8” x 6 1/4”).
• Our custom tags feature traditional slant cut sides running towards the pre-punched, reinforced eyelet.

Custom Tag Materials
• The most common colors for custom-printed tags are manila and white. Yellow, orange, and red are great options to draw attention and are often used for danger or alert tags.
We offer either twine cut string or wire connectors for your custom-printed tags.

Custom Tag Connectors
• 9 Gauge Twine Cut String: A popular connector option that is easy to remove or replace as needed. Ships loose or pre-strung. Note: For the pre-strung option, click the “Pre-String Connector” check box when placing your order.
• 26 Gauge Wire: A good connector option for tag applications that require added durability and security. Wire connectors ship loose. 
• No Connectors: If no connectors are needed, then we won’t add them to your order.

Custom Tag Numbering
• Your numbering choices are: no numbering or numbering in any one location.
• You can put numbering in any one location on your custom tags. We simply ask that you indicate where you want your number located in your artwork or design file. You can also opt for no numbering.

Uses For Custom Tags:

The uses for custom-printed tags are endless. With consecutive numbering, tags are a great way to supervise inventory, record keeping, or track shipments. Or, use as a safety alert for the workplace by drawing attention to temporary hazards.

Custom-printed tags ship in five days from your artwork. Consecutive numbering and two connector types available.

Custom Tag Ordering - The Choices Are Yours

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