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Industrial And Equipment Labels Prices

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To thousandths inch

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See Material Chart

Face Adhesive:

Face adhesive, aka Front adhesive, labels have both the print and adhesive on the same side. Face adhesive labels are generally applied on the inside of windows or clear surfaces.

Back Adhesive (Most common):

Back adhesive labels have the print on front side and adhesive on the back side.

Questions? Please contact [email protected].

Please choose the number of printing colors you would like (no maximum).
The color names include the nearest PMS match.

  • Black: 6C
    Process Cyan: C
    Process Magenta: M
    Process Yellow: Y
    Process Black: K
    Dark Gray: 425
    Safety Gray: 430C
    Gray: 422
    Light Gray: 420
    Pink: 211
    Fuchsia: 676
    Cardinal Red: 201
    Flat Red: 1807
    Deep Red: 187
    Tomato Red: 1797
    Tsp Tomato Red: 1797
    Scarlet Red: 186
    Tsp Red: 200
    Intense Red: 185
    Fireball Red: 485
    Warm Orange: 172
    Orange: 166
    Safety Orange: 152
    Tsp Bright Orange: 165
    Mango: 1375
    Deep Yellow: 7409
    Tsp Yellow: 130
    Yellow: 7405
    Light Yellow: 604
    Vivid Green: 7488
    Lime Green: 375
    Apple Green: 369
    Irish Green: 348
    Tsp Green: 334
    Green: 3415
    Turf Green: 325C
    Dark Green: 3425
    Forest Green: 3308
  • Light Aqua
    Aqua: 3258
    Teal: 321
    Pale Periwinkle Blue: 542
    Sky Blue: 2995
    Process Blue: C
    Dark Navy: 2965
    Navy: 534
    Intense Blue: 2945
    Tsp Blue: 2935
    Cobalt Blue: 288
    Maritime Blue
    Tsp Dark Blue: 281
    Reflex Blue: RefBlu
    Royal Blue: 2728
    Purple: 268
    Violet Purple: Violet
    Tsp Dark Purple: 2622
    Lavender: 2577
    Burgundy: 209
    Brown: 476
    Earth Brown: 160
    Beige: 4685
    Honey Gold: 117
    Tsp Honey Gold: 7563C
    Champagne Gold: 8005
    Copper: 876
    Gold: 871
    Silver: 877
    Bright Gold: 871
    Bright Silver: 877
    Gold Foil
    Silver Foil
    Red Foil
    Blue Foil
    Semi-Opaque Backing

Color names include an approximate PMS color match, if you do not see the exact PMS color you need, please contact [email protected].

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Select Label Distribution:

Sheeted with 1/10 inch gap

Sheeted with 1/2 inch gap

Sheeted with 2.5 mm gap

Sheeted with 13 mm gap


Select Variable Data & Barcode: code qr

View Sequential & Data Merge Info View Barcode Info

Sequential & Data Merge:

  • Sequential


    Basic Sequential Numbering
    Sequential numbering is a progression of numbers that starts with a number that you determine and continues on without skipping any numbers until the progression ends.

    Prefix and Suffix Sequential Numbering
    Letters or numbers can be added before (prefix) or after (suffix) the progression. Prefixes and suffixes can be used to indicate dates, lot locations, times or and other indicators.

  • Database Merge:

    data merge

    Pre-assign asset tag numbers with or without prefixes and suffixes. Must be provided in Excel or text format. File upload will be requested at checkout.


Barcode & Symbology:

Code 39

code 39

Inventory asset tags
parking permits
tracking of various hard goods from laptops to autos.


(Plus special characters like spaces and hyphens)

Code 3 of 9


Code 128

code 128

Shipping industries
Medical devices
Precision tools


Bar Code 128

Code 128A, B or C

2D / QR

code qr

Promotional materials
Embedded web links
Business cards


Quick Response Code

Data Matrix

data matrix

Inventory tracking
Military uses




Sample Products:

Equipment Labels
Warning Labels

UberQuoter® U.S. Patent #7590566


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Total Price:
Per Unit Price:

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Proof Policy

How The Proof Process Works:

• Within 24-48 hours (not including Saturday, Sunday, or Holidays) of receipt of your artwork, you will receive an email with proof instructions.

• The email will include a link to your proof and instructions for approving or indicating changes to your proof online.

• If you make changes, a new proof will be prepared and you will be emailed once the revised proof has been posted.

• We will notify you of any charges due to artwork modifications before we start production.

• Once approved, your artwork is immediately sent to production.


• Artwork touching the edge of the design must extend at least 1/8” beyond the die-line in the art file for products allowing bleeds.

• We strongly urge you to provide a 300dpi or higher file in .pdf format. (low resolution artwork pulled from the web will not work)

• If You Are Not Providing a pdf file:

• We can work with the most recent Macintosh and Windows versions of:

- Adobe® Illustrator® saved as .ai, .eps, or .pdf
- Adobe® Photoshop® saved with layers as .tiff, .eps, or .psd
- QuarkXPress ™ collect for output
- Adobe® InDesign® and Adobe® CS® package files

• All text in your artwork should be submitted with fonts outlined (converted to curves or paths). Note: be sure artwork is correct.

• Editing of text will not be available with outlined fonts. If artwork is submitted with fonts, all screen and printer fonts need to be included when file is uploaded.

• If an IBM font is used in your electronic file, the printer and screen font must be supplied.

• Providing fonts will ensure we can make any changes to your text if necessary.

• All photographic image files should be in CMYK format.

• Keep design in one program - i.e. do not place image in Illustrator®, then place the Illustrator® file in QuarkXpress™.


If you waive a proof by selecting “No Proof” your order will be released to production immediately.

No changes or alterations to your order will be possible. Any changes to or cancellation of a “No Proof” order will be charged for the full price of job. We are not responsible for artwork related errors or color variations in the finished product if you select “No Proof”.

Additional Charges:

If additional charges apply, you will be notified within 24 Hours. The most common charges are:

• Customer changes made to proofs. $15.00 minimum charge.
• A “No Proof” job that is canceled or changed in any way will result in the full cost of job being charged.
Please contact CustomerCare if you need additional information.

Print Proof Policy


[email protected]
Mon-Fri 6AM- 5PM Pacific
1-800-537-8816 US & Canada
1-425-771-6500 Elsewhere

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