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Media Labels

Answer our six simple questions and let us help you decide what kind of label you need.
Asset Tags With Barcode Asset Tags With Barcode

Asset Tags With Barcode

Get 2 Day Production on Asset Tag orders of 1000 or less!
Use our fast Design Online Tool to get a proof of your custom asset tag including your logo, instantly, right in your browser! Or, if you have custom artwork ready to go, get an instant online quote using the same high quality materials.

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Promotional Labels Promotional Labels

Promotional Labels

Promotional Label options for every budget, production time.

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IDMyStuff IDMyStuff


Bright personalized labels-custom labels-29 assorted labels for school. Waterproof, fade reisitant, colorful label sheet. 3 sizes ID Identification tags. Don't lose your stuff.

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Labels for Media Producers

No matter the platform, media production organizations need quick and effective ways to track their assets and ensure everything is accounted for at every step. High-quality labels can also become key parts of promotional collateral.

The following options are perfectly suited to your needs:

Asset tags tough enough to stay attached and legible through frequent use are essential for tracking all an organization's equipment
Promotional labels can become important parts of branding and outreach efforts with colorful, eye-catching logos
IDmyStuff labels are an efficient way to tag every type of asset, from the smallest to the largest

Make It More Appealing, Drive Brand Awareness And Protect Your Valuable Property.