White Polyester

All our asset tags can be designed online or custom printed, in standard or custom sizes. Logo, barcoding and/or serial numbering are available for no additional cost.

Our 2-mil gloss white polyester film is resistant to heat, tearing, abrasion, and stretching. White polyester asset tags are best suited for indoor use. A premium harsh environment laminate can be added to white polyester asset tags to provide a wider range of indoor uses ((hand tools, or items repeatedly put into or taken out of tight-fitting cases, for instance).

Quality adhesive makes white polyester asset tags the right choice for phones, laptops, computers, monitors, cabinets, and all high value office or business assets. They will adhere to most types of surface materials, including low surface energy (LSE) plastics.

Features of White Polyester Asset Tags
• Our most affordable asset tags.
• Good in temperature ranges between -40° to 302°F (-40° to 150°C).
• Adhesive is one of the best available for Low Surface Energy (LSE) plastics.
• Waterproof.
• Bright gloss white surface lets label details stand out.
• Best on flat, smooth surfaces. Will not conform to angles, edges, or tightly curved surfaces.
• UL® Recognized with specific color foils.
• Outdoor Rating: 2 years.

We suggest that you take the following into consideration when ordering white polyester asset tags.
Indoor Location & Use: White polyester asset tags should only be applied to indoor assets. If the indoor environment includes exposure to chemicals or abrasion, you may wish to add the laminate option.Cost Considerations: The lowest cost solution for asset tags printed with your business name, barcodes, or serial numbering.

- For harsher environments, consider Metalized Matte Silver Polyester asset tags.
- For theft deterrence, consider Security Silver "VOID" Polyester asset tags or Destructible Reflective Vinyl asset tags.