Tamper-Evident Security Labels

Our affordable security labels provide both evidence of tampering and theft deterrence. These security labels have a weatherproof laminate and are suited for indoor or outdoor use. When the label is removed, a "VOID" or checkerboard pattern (your choice) appears on both the item and the back of the label.

Each security label has permanent adhesive to ensure long-term sticking power. Outdoor-rated for up to 2 years (temperatures above 104°F may damage the tamper-evident feature).

Add a holographic film for additional security. We have five different holographic finishes available – the geometric patterns of cracked ice, hyper plaid, and mosaic, plus two word patterns - “Void if Removed” paired with "Secured", and "Genuine Original".

Our security chrome polyester labels provide tamper evidence. If the label is removed from the tagged item, your choice of either a checkerboard or the word VOID appears as a pattern on both the item’s surface and the peeled label. The removed label cannot be reapplied. Best for flat, smooth surfaces.

Features of Security Silver "Void" Asset Tags
• Tamper evidence – VOID or checkerboard pattern remains when tag is removed.
• Removed label cannot be replaced or reused.
• Five holographic patterns available in addition to silver
• Rated for temperatures between -40° and 104°F (-40° to 40°C)
• Weatherproof laminate for additional durability
• Three different shapes
• 1-3 spot colors
• Turnaround time of 3 business days