Security Silver "VOID"

All our asset tags can be designed online or custom printed, in standard or custom sizes. Logo, barcoding and/or serial numbering are available for no additional cost.

Our 2-mil Security Silver "VOID" polyester asset labels provide tamper evidence. Great for tagging computers, laptops, cell phones, furniture and office items. This mirror finish polyester film has a unique adhesive system. If the label is removed from the tagged item, the word VOID appears as a pattern on both the item’s surface and the peeled label. The removed label cannot be reapplied.

Best for flat, smooth surfaces; it will not conform to uneven surfaces. When printing bar codes, white must be added to the label so the bar code is scan-able. Laminates may be used without negating the security feature.

Our affordable security silver polyester "Void" asset tags provide both evidence of tampering and theft deterrence. "VOID" asset tags are suited only for indoor use on indoor assets. When the asset tag is removed, a "VOID" pattern appears on both the item and the back of the label.

Each security silver polyester "VOID" asset tag has permanent adhesive to ensure long-term sticking power. If you need a good value for tracking and protecting PCs, monitors, routers and other high value assets, our "VOID" asset tags are probably your best choice. Security silver polyester asset tags are the affordable alternative to Destructible Reflective Vinyl asset tags.

Features of Security Silver “Void” Asset Tags
• Tamper evidence – VOID pattern remains when tag is removed.
• Removed label cannot be replaced or reused.
• Rated for temperatures between -40° and 104°F (-40° to 40°C).
• Most affordable theft deterrent asset tags.
• Can be laminated for additional durability.

We suggest that you take the following into consideration when ordering security silver polyester asset tags.
Location & Use: Security silver polyester asset tags are recommended for use on indoor assets only.
Cost Considerations: Security "VOID" asset tags are the best value for solid asset tracking with theft deterrence.
- For indoor use without theft deterrence, consider  White Polyester asset tags.
- For outdoor use without theft deterrence, consider  8 mil Anodized Metal asset tags.
- For outdoor use with theft deterrence, consider  Destructible Reflective Vinyl asset tags.