All our asset tags can be designed online or custom printed, in standard or custom sizes. Logo, barcoding and/or serial numbering are available for no additional cost.
For flexibility, metalized matte silver asset tags rival the characteristics of aluminum foil and when coated with our harsh environment laminate, metalized matte silver polyester asset tags can be a better value than anodized metal for indoor assets. This material is particularly well suited to industrial applications where the tag may be subjected to physical stress or heat.
Note: Metalized material conducts electricity; these asset tags are not suitable for locations where they may touch electrical contacts (printed circuit boards, etc.). 
White must be added behind barcoding in order for it to scan properly. The back surface is silvered, so material is very opaque.

Our metalized matte silver polyester is resistant to heat, tearing, abrasion, and stretching. These asset tags are a popular choice because the metalized polyester is durable yet flexible. Metalized matte silver polyester asset tags are well suited to indoor use of almost any kind, especially when the optional harsh environment laminate is added. These silver polyester asset tags feature permanent adhesive providing long-term sticking power. Choose metalized matte silver polyester asset tags for; laptops, smart phones, furniture, cabinets, and almost any indoor asset.

Features of Metalized Matte Silver Polyester Asset Tags
• Good in temperature ranges between -40° to 302°F (-40° to 150°C).
• Adhesive is one of the best available for Low Surface Energy (LSE) plastics.
• UL® recognized
• Waterproof.
• Best on flat smooth surfaces.

We suggest that you take the following into consideration when ordering metalized matte silver polyester asset tags.
Location & Use: Metalized matte silver polyester asset tags are recommended for use indoors.
Cost Considerations: Our most popular choice when flexible, tough-sticking asset tags are needed.
- For economical indoor only use consider  White Polyester asset tags.
- For theft deterrence consider  Destructible Reflective Vinyl asset tags.
- For curved surfaces in harsh indoor or outdoor environments, consider  Flexible Anodized Aluminum Foil asset tags.