All our asset tags can be designed online or custom printed, in standard or custom sizes. Logo, barcoding and/or serial numbering are available for no additional cost.

The 7-year outdoor rating and the built in “flake apart” theft deterrence are unique to destructible reflective vinyl asset tags, making them the right choice for asset tracking and theft deterrence on both outdoor and indoor assets. Our destructible reflective vinyl asset tags are an affordable alternative to  8 mil anodized metal asset tags.

Our Destructible Reflective Vinyl asset tags provide both evidence of tampering and theft deterrence. Once applied, this vinyl cannot be removed in one piece. The asset tag will flake or chip into small pieces when removal is attempted, and the tag cannot be reused or replaced.

Use when your asset tags require tamper evident protection indoors or outside. Great for tagging computers, laptops, cell phones, furniture and office items. The material is flexible and works well on irregular surfaces.

White must be added behind barcoding in order for it to scan properly. The back surface is silvered, so material is very opaque.

Features of Destructible Reflective Vinyl Asset Tags
• Tamper evidence – tears into small pieces when removed.
• Removed label cannot be replaced or reused.
• Conforms well to corrugated or moderately irregular surfaces.
• Rated for temperatures between -30° and 200°F (-34° to 93°C).
• Most affordable theft deterrent asset tags rated for outdoor use (7 years).
• Cannot be laminated.

We suggest that you take the following into consideration when ordering destructible reflective vinyl asset tags.
Location & Use: Destructible reflective vinyl asset tags are equally suited for use in indoor and outdoor assets.
Cost Considerations: Destructible reflective vinyl asset tags are the lowest cost outdoor solution that combines solid asset tracking and theft deterrence.
- For indoor use without theft deterrence consider  White Polyester asset tags.
- For indoor use with theft deterrence consider  Security Silver Void Polyester asset tags.