If you're in a hurry and on a tight budget, our value labels line is tough to beat. In 24 hours, 100 to 1000 well printed – but inexpensive – labels can be on their way to you. 15,000 labels may ship in just 72 hours. That's amazing!

For an even better deal, you can use our “lots” option to create one order, but different labels! As long as the material, shape, and size remain the same, you can change the artwork and the text on the labels. Split your order of 500 labels into three lots: One of 100 purple “grape” labels, one of 200 red "strawberry kiwi" labels, and one of 200 orange “creamsicle” labels, for instance, and save over ordering three different sets!

Features of Affordable Labels

• Eight standard shapes (round-cornered rectangle, square, circle, oval, award ribbon, heart, starburst, and wavy rectangle).
• Use from 1 to 3 colors.
• Choose from 14 different materials. Note: Paper options are not waterproof, but a high-gloss laminate may be added to increase scratch-resistance and resistance to water and oils.
• Not intended for outdoor use.
• Good for use on products, packaging, documents, in promotions.

This is a fast and very economical approach to ordering quality custom-printed labels. You can choose from our most popular ink colors, sizes, shapes and materials and get an instant online price that will be very hard to beat! These value labels are printed in as few as 24 hours, in up to 3 standard or PMS ink colors. Minimum quantity of 100 labels!