8-mil Anodized Metal Asset Tags

All our asset tags can be designed online or custom printed, in standard or custom sizes. Logo, barcoding and/or serial numbering are available for no additional cost.

Our tough anodized aluminum is perfect for asset labels and tags that need extra durability. The colors and graphics are etched permanently into the surface of the material. This highly durable product means labels can be used indoors or outdoors. This is the material we recommend if your labels will be exposed to direct sunlight, salt spray, high temperatures, cleaning solvents, or continuous abrasion. Made specifically for these conditions, it will not crack, chip, or peel over its useful life.

The super-strong adhesive can create a permanent bond with most flat surfaces. The somewhat rigid characteristics of 8-mil anodized metal asset tags limits their use to flat surfaces but the overall construction provides optimal durability.

The materials and printing processes used make 8 mil anodized metal asset tags among the most durable asset tags available. While these metal asset tags come at premium price, the likely twenty years of service can offset the initial cost.

Features of 8-mil Anodized Metal Asset Tags
• Will not crack, chip or peel.
• Super-strong 2-mil adhesive.
• Use in temperatures between -40° and 400°F (-40° to 205°C).
• For indoor or outdoor applications.
• Due to the material’s rigidity and thickness, these asset tags will not conform to curved or complex surfaces; use on flat surfaces.
• Barcodes and serial numbering are embedded in the anodized layer for 20 year outdoor durability. Label color rated for 5+ years.

We suggest that you take the following into consideration when ordering 8-mil anodized metal asset tags.
Location & Usage: Use indoors or outdoors in almost any environment, on flat surfaces. Cost Considerations: These anodized metal asset tags are a premium solution for maximum durability. Initial outlay for our 8-mil anodized metal tags is higher, but when looked at over the 20 years of useful life, anodized metal asset tags are very cost-effective.
- For other harsh environment asset tags consider  LexSaver®plus asset tags.
- For curved surfaces in harsh conditions consider  Flexible Anodized Aluminum Foil asset tags.