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MaverickLabel.Com® - Permanent Labels - For Indoor and Outdoor Use

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Here’s A Partial List of Permanent Labels Features

- Custom Printed and Off-The-Shelf Permanent Labels
- Materials and Sizes For Almost Any Application
- International Shipping Options
- Low Minimum order Quantities
- Fast Turnaround

Permanent labels are printed on materials with aggressive adhesives making sure labels stay stuck. The uses of permanent labels are many. We have listed our most popular permanent labels below. You can also use our Label Wizard to find the right permanent labels. To use the Label Wizard simply click on the icon and then select the features of permanent labels. Hit submit, and the wizard will display products that match your permanent label needs. If you do not see the permanent labels solution you need, please contact CustomerCare or try our Match My Label service.

About Permanent Labels

Permanent labels can be “permanent” because of the label adhesive used, the label material used and the surface finishing. More information about the adhesives, materials and finishes used for permanent labels are described below.

Permanent adhesive is very common and is the standard adhesive used on the majority of permanent labels. adhesive is aggressive and holds permanent labels in place over time. Signs and labels 24 hour turnaround click here roll minimum Ships same day click here labels. aggressive, removable and holds permanent labels in place over time. How long permanent labels will remain in place depends on the exact adhesive used, the surrounding environment and surface material, texture and shape that the permanent labels are stuck to. We offer permanent labels with a variety of adhesives for the different conditions described above.

Different label materials maintain permanent labels durability over time. Permanent labels can be made from almost any substrate, typically paper, vinyl, polyester and even aluminum. Each of the materials available for permanent labels has different durability characteristics and costs. As an example, permanent labels for indoor can be printed on relatively low cost materials (or substrates) such as paper or vinyl. Permanent labels for outdoor and industrial use should be printed on poly or metal.

MaverickLabel.Com® is the leader in custom and stock Permanent labels. If you have any questions about Permanent labels please contact CustomerCare.

If you do not see the label types you're looking for, please contact CustomerCare@MaverickLabel.Com Mon-Fri 6AM- 5PM Pacific
1-800-537-8816 US & Canada
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