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I recently had a colleague ask me what our most popular label product was.  And, this got me thinking of all the many practical uses for labels and stickers.  While MaverickLabel.Com offers hundreds of label products, the total number of usage for labels and stickers is endless.

Labels are not simply tags used to identify items, materials, or products.  Labels and stickers are used as an effective means for promotion, identification, tracking, warning, awareness, mailing, safety, and much, much more!

Of the more common commercial uses, labels are used to promote public figures (campaign bumper stickers, for example) and to sell product.  The labeling or packaging of a product can and does serve to help items “stand out” from other, similar items and lead consumers to purchase one product over the other.  Imagine grocery shopping.  What makes you choose one item on the shelf over another?  More often than not, it is the label on the product that influences your decision.

Labels today are manufactured in a multitude of ways and looks.  There are literally dozens of choices for the label stock and finish.  Everything from plain white and fluorescent colors to glossy and hologram stocks and films are used to impact the look-and-feel of the final printed label.  There are even domed labels to add extract pizzazz to certain jobs.  And, for many label products, you can choose from additional features such as:  Aqueous coating; UV inks / finishes; Indoor / outdoor materials; Tamper-resistant or tamper-evident stocks; Permanent / semi-permanent / or removable adhesives; and even more.

Labels are used in both business and personal matters on a daily basis.  Take the obvious use of labels for sending packages, letters, and other mail to clients, friends, and family for instance.  Even this most basic use of a label has dozens, if not hundreds, of options.  From simple return address labels and basic “to / from” labels – to complex integrated shipping label / form combinations – mailing labels are a common staple in today’s modern environment.

So, what are labels really used for?  To make a long story short, labels are used for just about any / every purpose imaginable – both in the business world and in your home.  Labels help businesses keep track of inventory or possessions, promote products, announce new features, and keep workers safe from hazards.  In our personal lives, labels help us choose the food we eat, the products we buy, and also direct us on how and when to use certain many of the items in our homes.

Mark Trumper





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