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Looking for a great way to connect and network? Try business card stickers. This is a single promotional tool that has a wide variety of purposes. And it’s easy for people to get in touch with you when they have all of the information that your business card provides – just as it does on these helpful stickers.

Put Business Card Stickers to Work
Business Card Stickers

Make an impact at that next conference. Its the perfect choice if you are making a presentation or attending a conference and handing out materials. These peel ‘n stick business card stickers easily attach themselves to presentation folders. Not everyone is going to choose to use them, so doing so will help make you stand out from the crowd of others who will speak. They give a polished, well-presented appearance each and every time. When that attendee opens that presentation folder, they will easily see your contact information, and know who to reach to place an order, set up a media interview or make that important business connection. There’s no worry about your business card coming loose from the folder, as can often happen with folders at presentations.

Other Uses

Helpful luggage tags for that on-the-go-traveler. This is a top choice for any busy professional. We all need luggage tags, and what can be better than providing your business contact information, especially when you travel for business? But when you use your business card, it can come loose from a luggage tag and then you don’t have that helpful tag at all. Stick one of these business card stickers on, and you’re just about guaranteed that your luggage tag will work perfectly. Note: they are also an ideal option if you are bringing critical business items with you on business trips. No one likes to think about lost luggage, especially if you have to make a presentation or bring products or information to a client.

Standout name badges at events and meetings. Many prefer these business card stickers as name badges because they provide all of your business information. There’s also no worry about someone spelling your name wrong, or getting your business title wrong. It makes networking and making important business connections a snap. And best of all, you have your e-mail address, business address and fax number right at your fingertips.

So if you are talking about the new product line and someone wants to place an order, your potential client can do so right then at the event or meeting. There’s no awkward fumbling for a card. Creates a polished and professional appearance all the time. Perfect for that busy professional who attends many meet and greet events where name tags are a must-have. You’ll also never worry if they haven’t created you a name tag, or somehow have gotten the information incorrect.

Our best tip: Especially for business professionals who travel and attend many networking or business events, carry a set of these business card stickers in your briefcase or portfolio. Then you’ll never want for a luggage tag or a name tag. You’ll also be able to spruce up your presentation folders on-the-go, even if your assistant has been unable to travel with you, or did not send business cards with you.

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