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“How can I design my label to make it stand out?” That’s a question that we get asked quite frequently here at MaverickLabel.Com. And, aside from a really great looking, professional design – we typically like to recommend the use of custom label stocks to accomplish this feat.

We offer several different custom label stocks, each of which can help to create a unique and impressive product label, packaging label, or promotional label. These custom label stocks can add special effects to the label, making it truly one-of-a-kind. These special effects stocks come in several different varieties, including: 3D / raised, sparkling, shiny, and more. And, there’s an added bonus… Some of these material choices can be used to add a security element to your label / packaging.

Below is a brief description of some popular custom label stocks for creating an eye-catching, distinctive label…

Domed Label Stock:
Domed labels are made with a thick, yet crystal-clear, polyurethane dome, which is laid over printed custom label stocks. This dome protects the printing and adds approximately 1/4 inch of thickness to the label – giving it a three-dimensional (3D) appearance. And, Domed Labels are weather resistant.
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Custom Label Stocks For Domed Labels
Hologram Label Material:
Hologram custom label stocks are excellent for making your label stand out – and has the added bonus of being used as a means of security, product authentication, and protection against counterfeiting. Hologram label material adds impact and draws attention to your design.
More About Hologram Labels

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Custom Label Stocks For Hologram Labels

Clear Labels:
Clear custom label stocks can be used in many different ways. Using a clear label stock can be especially appealing for use as product labeling on glass bottles, jars, etc., as it can be used in conjunction with the coloring of the product in the container. MaverickLabel.Com offers clear labels printed on tough, crystal clear polyester with permanent adhesive – as well as a non-adhesive, static-cling material for use on windows.

Die Cut Shapes and Sizes:
Die cut custom label stocks offer a fantastic opportunity for you to create a truly unique label. You can choose from an extensive line of existing shapes and sizes – or you can choose to have a die created in your own design’s shape. Die cut labels from MaverickLabel.Com are available in dozens of styles and option choices, including: core sizes, indoor / outdoor label materials, clear or colored label stocks, and literally dozens of shape choices.
More About Process Color Labels with Special Die Shapes

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Custom Label Stocks ForDie Cut Labels
Foil / Embossed Label Stock:
Foil and embossed custom label stocks add incredible appeal to your label. Foil / embossed labels from MaverickLabel.Com are printed on an extra shiny, metalized label material available in nine foil color choices. (Silver and gold are the most popular choices, but black, purple, red, dark blue, teal and other foil stocks are also available.) Embossed labels and seals make a truly lasting impression, with a special stamping process, which can take your label design to the next level. Custom printed foil and embossed labels are ideal for anniversaries, weddings, as well as any retail application in which you’d like your label to stand out from the crowd.
More About Foil and Embossed Labels

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Custom Label Stocks For Foil and Embossed Labels

No matter your reason for using them, custom label stocks can and do add impact and draw attention to your label design. So, next time you’re looking to create a unique, innovative label – consider using one of the custom stocks above. Or, feel free to contact us for advice or assistance.

Mark Trumper
MaverickLabel.Com – CEO

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