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Asset tags are labels / tags / stickers manufactured with a semi-permanent or permanent adhesive backer which are designed to be placed on items of value.  The front side of the asset tag is typically a metallic overlaid plate, with printed reference information about the item itself and/or owner of the item.

Asset tags are used to both identify and keep track of personal and business property.  Applying asset tags to your possessions is a simple, yet highly effective means of preserving your valuables.

Asset tags are used on a variety of products and a vast array of situations, including indoor/outdoor, cold/warm temperatures, and much more.  Below is a listing of the top five uses we’ve seen for our asset tags over the past several years…

Theft Prevention
Products and equipment that are clearly marked and identifiable are much less likely to be stolen.

Equipment Tracking
Asset tags are commonly used by businesses to keep track of tools, equipment, and electronics.  Additionally, most banks now require you to show proof of business assets when applying for loans.  Using asset tags, with an accompanying database, provides quick and easy proof of your company’s valuable equipment, computers, or other assets.

Lost / Stolen Item Recovery
Lost or stolen items marked with asset tags can be easily identified and returned to the rightful owner.  (Imagine leaving your cell phone or laptop at the airport.  If it were labeled with an asset tag, airport personnel could easily identify the owner and return it to you.)

Insurance Records
In the unfortunate event of loss or theft of an item – or even worse a fire or natural disaster striking your business – your item’s serial number, description, and other information will be readily available for insurance reimbursement purposes.

Visual Reminders
Asset tags help to remind you of upcoming service contracts, expiring lease / maintenance agreements, and more.

Asset tags can be configured in a multitude of different ways and are commonly manufactured on quality, long-lasting materials like aluminum, stainless steel, metalized polyester, Mylar, and even tamper-resistant stocks.  Asset tags can be formatted with bar codes, numbers, lettering, or even your company logo.

So, what can asset tags do for your business?  Visit our Asset Tags page for even more information and additional examples of asset tag usage!



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