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We were amazed to discover when we came in this morning that we had been visited by leprechauns overnight! I guess they wanted to get us out of the way before their big day tomorrow. They seem to be fond of bad jokes, and we think they’ll be “sticking around” for a while. (Also, we suspect Tristan in Production let them in after hours.)

Groanable Leprechaun Jokes

There were more (they are all over the office), but the ones below seemed to elicit the most groans.

leprechaun ghost joke

What do ghosts drink?

leprechaun BBQ

What do leprechauns barbecue?
Short ribs.

leprechaun rash joke

Poison ivy and clover cross = a rash of good luck

leprechaun paddy joke

Yup, even the Paddy O’Furniture joke

They are certainly welcome here, especially as they brought a rainbow and pot of gold with them, and kindly left it behind.

rainbow and pot of gold

The hat of gold under the rainbow

hat full of gold

“Gold” coins and four-leaf clover charms

We’ll try not to get chocolate on any labels, but if we do, it’s probably good luck!

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