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In printing, “short run” means a small custom order. In this context, though, short run means we don’t have enough for a full blog post on one subject, so we’re bundling these together.  All guaranteed to have been discussed around the office water cooler.

New Club-Valet Colors

Back in March, we introduced two new colors into our IDmyStuff® product line. This month, you have additional choices in Club-Valet®, our line of ID labels for golfers. The labels were always available in black with either silver or gold lettering. They are now also available in silver or gold, with black lettering. Depending on your clubs and gear, these labels will either blend in better or stand out more!
(Differences between IDmyStuff® and Club-Valet® labels)

Elephant Grip Adhesive

elephant grip adhesive
We also have a new “elephant grip” adhesive in our industrial equipment label line. The material is a 4-mil thick flexible white vinyl with aggressive permanent adhesive. The adhesive is ideal for low surface energy (LSE) plastics or powder-painted surfaces. Here’s a quick screenshot of where you can find it in the list of materials available for our industrial equipment product line (yes, there’s a lot of materials from which to choose; this list doesn’t show even half of them!).
(What’s an LSE plastic and why do they need special adhesives?)

Team Building

This year we’ve instituted a monthly series of team building exercises and social events at Here’s a shot of Matt (Sales) and James (Development) facing off in a trivia contest as (from left to right) Patrick (Production), Mark (Production), Kira (Accounting), Pramod (IT), and Scott (Sales, hiding behind the partition) cheer them on. Jim (Customer Care) is moderating the exercise. Sales will be hosting the May get-together next week. We understand a gourmet breakfast will be involved!

Name That Printer!

Production has brought a new printer online this week, and the contest here at work to name it is gaining steam. And puns. Do you prefer Indigo Montoya or Prints of Darkness? Prints Charming? The Artist Formerly Known as Prints? (We could make our own symbol for that one!)

Sadie Lunches with a Kingfisher

We’re so lucky to be situated in beautiful Edmonds, Washington, down near the marina. The other day during her lunch, Sadie (Shipping) managed to grab a video of a kingfisher catching his lunch!

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