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Sheet labels have many different uses and are viable in every industry today. Sheet labels come in dozens of size / shape configurations and are highly useful for marketing / advertising, shipping, product packaging, and more.

Typically in a self-adhesive form, sheet labels are attractive and practical. They have a backing paper that is easily peeled-off to bring out the adhesive side of the label. Sheet labels are easily customizable, either by a label printing house or on your own home / office printer, making them ideal for many applications. Sheet labels are available in many starting formats, including address labels, invoice labels, parcel labels, wall signs / posters, media labels, shipping labels, and more.

Sheet labels are available on several different label materials choices, including paper, foil, vinyl, polypropylene, smudge proof, and other materials. This makes it easy for you to choose the right material for your project / needs.

MaverickLabel.Com offers sheet labels in both blank and pre-printed formats. Choose from mailing and shipping labels, return address labels, bar code labels, blank and custom printed laser / inkjet labels, integrated labels, shipping label sheets, and more.

Blank or custom printed, sheet labels provide you with a flexible and easy way of advertising your products, shipping your goods, invoicing your customers and much, much more. So, why not simplify your business processes today by trying blank or custom printed sheet labels!

Mark Trumper – CEO



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