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Specialized Vocabulary Translation

Like all great ideas, our translation tool was born out of necessity. Dr. Rick Kent, MaverickLabel’s President and Chief Science Officer, was in France, helping his mother sell a property. He saw how badly traditional translation dealt with the language used in lease and resale agreements. Because of the specialized meaning of many of the terms, sometimes they couldn’t find the word or phrase in regular French-to-English dictionaries. Other times, the definition provided didn’t quite fit the real estate or legal meaning.

He realized that a tool to translate industry-specific words and phrases just didn’t exist. This sort of translation tool would be immediately valuable, because there are so many printing and ecommerce terms that hold specific technical meaning. With plans to expand’s international business, he set out to create such a tool – and ATLEE was born.

How ATLEE Works

ATLEE French example
ATLEE stands for Automatic Technical Language Extension Engine. It takes advantage of the fact that English is the international business of language. Many non-native speakers can get the gist of of documents and websites in English, but may not understand any industry-specific technical terms used.

With ATLEE, a website owner can identify technical words or phrases used on their site. It is then easy to create a database of these, with their proper translation. After that, when you pass a web page or electronic document through the ATLEE engine, it highlights terms from the database with underscoring and a color change. Readers can access the translation of the highlighted terms – along with any additional context – with a simple mouse-over or touch. The rest of the page content remains the same.

Benefits of the ATLEE Translation Tool

Traditionally, expanding a business internationally might require translating an entire website into multiple languages, costing time and money.  Translating an entire site into another language may break layouts, causing grief for your web developers. Translators typically charge by the word. Making updates to a website with multiple languages can be cumbersome, expensive, and cause delays. With ATLEE, you only need to translate the specialized vocabulary once, and from then on the site is always up to date. It’s easy to adding new terms to the database and edit old ones.

Translation Tool as On-Call Interpreter

“ATLEE focuses on providing an ‘on-call interpreter’ for the most critical technical terms on any web page or electronic document. Terms like ‘die-cutting’ or ‘release liner’ are accurately translated to their proper meaning for the context in which they are used,” said Dr. Kent. “Even though most non-native English speakers can get through the majority of our website without difficulty, they are not likely to be familiar with technical printing terms. ATLEE gives us the power to expand into international markets at a fraction of the traditional cost.”

ATLEE can handle an unlimited number of languages. Right now, MaverickLabel’s website uses it for nine languages. These include Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, and Latin American Spanish.

US patent #9,135,349 was approved for ATLEE in September 2015. Licensing by non-label printing industries may be available in the near future.



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