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Want to learn more about labels, materials, adhesives, or label design? What about our products, our company, or our staff? You can find all that (and more) here!

Collectible Labels & Stickers

Labels and stickers can be fun, easy collectibles. Their value is not always high to others, but the different colors, shapes, and sizes make them attractive. Many collectors feel a personal or emotional connection, as well. Label and sticker collectors are generally...

Label Layers Revealed

Or The Anatomy of a Label We know you're dying to know all about label layers! All our labels with adhesives are pressure-sensitive labels, and these types of labels have the same basic layers in common. The main label layers for pressure-sensitive labels are the face...

Celebrate National Sticker Day 2020

National Sticker Day is January 13 each year (Monday this year). What’s the difference between a label and a sticker? Well, many people do use the terms interchangeably, but we think if it supplies product information, that's a label and if it’s just for fun, or...

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