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MaverickLabel’s Sales Team

OK, we’ll admit it. Tomorrow the Sales team is hosting our monthly company get-together, and they have promised us brunch and fun. We’re all too busy trying to finish up all our work before then to come up with text about removable labels or our 10 favorite pressure-sensitive beer labels (those posts are coming, I promise!). Instead, today’s post will be about our brunch-makers, the Sales Team here at

Our Sales team is in-house here in Edmonds, Washington, so they’re able to speak directly with the individuals who prepare, print, and proof your labels. And all of them have a great deal of experience in the label business. They also have a lot of character and cohesiveness. That should help with tomorrow’s hosting duties!

Scott McKiernan

Scott, our VP of Operations, is also the lead for the Sales Team. As Employee #3 at MaverickLabel, he wears a number of hats. Scott joined the company in September of 2000 as the “production team.” He ran most of the prepress, production, and post-production work; his background at the time was in graphics and print. Now it’s in labels, processes, sales, customer service, and operations! He’s also good with the occasional conflict resolution. And did you see where he ran the NYC Marathon?

Stacy Beckman Daniels

Stacy is Employee #7, starting in May 2003. She loves to solve problems and think outside the box. Don’t ask her about her favorite label, though, as she just can’t decide and has drawers full of examples of hundreds of labels that are dear to her for one reason or another (the shape, the colors, the gloss, the foil, the problem it solved for a client, the way it was used…) Stacy has been involved with printing since the age of 14; it runs in her family. She started at when it became clear to her that digital printing was going to be big. Stacy loves all the dogs who come into the office, and spoils them rotten – her office is a favorite spot for Sadie, Tully, and Caution.

Julie Brooks

Julie started out in Customer Service, before there even was a Sales team. That was in October 2004. When Stacy floated the idea of creating a team just for sales, Julie was all in. She has the most diverse work background on the Sales team, having been employed by a food-product research laboratory to act as liaison between inspectors and the FDA, as well as being involved in the manufacturing of dancewear. She spent 3 years in Hong Kong and 4.5 years in Thailand before returning to the Seattle area and finding her way to MaverickLabel.

Matt Trumper

Matt started at MaverickLabel right out of college – in fact, because he’s the son of Employee #2, Mark Trumper, Matt was working here for years before his official start in May of 2011. He was well-versed in our shipping and post-production needs by then. Matt also did some print and laminate work in Production before moving to Sales. He likes Sales because he enjoys talking to clients and brainstorming solutions. Right now, his clients are split pretty much 50/50 between regular sales and our CannaMav division.

Combined years of sales and label experience = 54!

And I promise, if there are good pictures of them tomorrow at the brunch, I’ll add them to this post…

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