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For June’s team-building exercise, we decided to give GooseChase a try. Seeing as we’re named for a character in Top Gun, a ‘Goose’ chase seemed particularly appropriate! The free version of GooseChase allows for three teams, and we had enough people sign up to allow for teams of five individuals each. Three of us (Alanna, Janet, and John) served as a “Command Team” in the conference room, assigning bonus points, rejecting incorrect or incomplete missions, and keeping track of the Leaderboard.

We decided we could only take about an hour out of the day, so we ran the game from 3 PM to 4 PM yesterday. For the first ten minutes, we badged individuals with their team labels, gave them the rules and handouts of all the missions, and let them huddle to plan. The missions became available online at 3:10 PM – and the teams were off!

Mission: Ferry-Well. Tristan, Eric, Traci, and Yalda wave to the Edmonds Ferry

There were 27 missions all together. The winning team (Green) completed 25 of them, including all the high-point ones, with a final total of 12,100 points. Blue was second with 10,900, and Red finished close behind with 10,600 points.

Many of the missions involved company history. Others required the assistance of strangers, and still others were more traditional scavenger hunt missions, like find the hidden item or a license plate from a faraway state.

Mission Highlights

Here’s some of the highlights:

1994 was a good year

A coin from the year was founded.

Where It Began

Part of the history of – VHS Labels – pointed out by Jim, Patrick, & Matt

Watch out

Leigha took this over her shoulder for the “Watch Out” mission, catching another team unaware as they were working on “Out of State.”

Employees with longest tenure

Mission: List the five employees who’ve been here the longest

Green team with seagull statue

Evan, Alison, Mark standing with some locals – with another team behind them waiting their turn!

peace signs at the arch

Making peace signs at the arch – Traci, Yalda, and Tristan

Merge cubes are cool

Alison borrows Patrick’s VR glasses to better view her Merge Cube hologram

Winning team members each got a great prize (the Command team liked ’em so much, they almost kept them). Here’s Alison playing with her MERGE Cube, using Patrick’s VR glasses. I think she’s adding blocks to a MineCraft structure.

The IT department hosted this exercise, so we had to get a tech toy – the MERGE Cube is holographic. You can download a bunch of different apps and games to your phone. See the solar system, play games, or just watch kaleidoscopic images – not on company time, of course!

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