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We resolved to try a few new things in 2018. We’re kicking that off by teaming up with GeekWire to run an IDmyStuff® campaign over the entire month of February. It will be our first campaign of this kind, and we’re pretty excited about it. Ellie worked with GeekWire to record a 30-second spot that will be put in their February podcasts. We’ll be giving out free IDmyStuff labels at the end of the campaign to 10 lucky winners.

IDmyStuff® Campaign & Contest

We’re asking you to follow us on Twitter, and to tweet #idmystuff with your ideas of where you’d stick IDmyStuff labels. Pictures are an added bonus. We accept sample labels, too! Make it funny, tell us why, write a haiku, use your imagination! The top 10 best suggestions, as judged by our panel of in-house experts, will be awarded free IDmyStuff labels. Winners will be announced the first week of March.

If you already have some IDmyStuff labels, make us envy you and you might get more. An IDmyStuff sticker on a water bottle is useful, but also usual. A picture of you drinking from a water bottle, with your IDmyStuff sticker visible, at the summit of a mountain – oooh, envy. Have you put an IDmyStuff label on, say, your Nintendo Switch? We want to see that.

About the Labels

Add some fun to your growler ID
So many people limit themselves to name, phone, and email on their IDmyStuff labels. But the majority of the 29 stickers in a set come with three lines of up to 30 characters each (spaces count). Make use of that space!

For the 23 labels that are printed with three lines, the first line has the largest text size. Keep in mind that the 6 slim labels (slightly less than 3.5 inches long and slightly less than ¼ inch high) have all the text on one line. It can get small if you use all 90 characters… but sometimes it’s worth it!

The labels are very durable – Stacy (Sales) has had one on her key ring for over 10 years. They’re also fade resistant and waterproof, and yes, you can run them through the dishwasher. We don’t recommend them for use on fabric or clothing, although we’ve had some customers tell us they’ve wrapped one around a jacket tag (so they stick to themselves and look like a brightly colored flag) and had them last inside a kid’s coat for years. The labels generally don’t stick well around sharp edges or corners.

The colors are bright and distinct, so you can color-coordinate your stuff, too. Tell at a glance whether those toys or school supplies belong to kid one (red stickers) or kid two (apple green), for instance.


Here’s some places for IDmyStuff labels that we’ve heard about. Brainstorm a bit and we bet you can come up with others. If you do, tweet them to #idmystuff before February 28, when the campaign ends! There’s more inspiration at

  • Sports equipment – particularly nice when you are a team member. So much easier to pull your stuff out of a pile when it has a bright red or hot pink label on it! What equipment would you put it on?
  • Stuff you travel with – hard luggage, portable projector, kindle?
  • Promotional –
    • Donating to a charity auction? Tag the item with a special message or thank you.
    • Giveaways? Let recipients know where it came from.
  • Small tech goods – our slim labels can fit in so many places!
  • Home or craft goods – Protect your tin of Amish beard balm. Make sure your roommates know which growler is yours. Tell your family if they return the canning jar, you’ll refill it with more home-made jelly.


We kept the campaign’s contest rules to a minimum:

  • Follow us on Twitter – – and share your IDmyStuff idea with the hashtag #idmystuff.
  • Please make all your entries family-friendly.
  • Employees of and their families are not eligible to win, but are welcome to submit ideas.
  • Enter as many times as you have ideas.
  • Don’t have Twitter? You can enter by following on Facebook and posting your idea on our page with the hashtag #idmystuff.



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