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While searching the Internet recently, I came across an article from one of our happy customers.  It was an inspiring story, so I wanted to share it here on our company blog.  Here goes…

Has this ever happened to you… You’re on the golf course after playing a few holes, digging through your bag for your 9 Iron – but you can’t find it? Or, have you gotten home after a great day of golf and, after getting your clubs out to clean them, you realize that you left your putter on the 18th hole?

Well, I have to admit it has happened to me on more than one occasion. Most of those times, another golfer had turned the lost club in to the clubhouse and I was able to retrieve it with no problems. However, there were a few instances that the missing club simply disappeared. (My guess is that someone found the club, and with no way to determine the owner, simply kept it for himself or herself.)

After several lost putters, sand wedges, and drivers – I decided it was time to do something about my problem. So, I searched the Internet for golf club identification. And, that’s when I found MaverickLabel.Com’s Golf Club & Sports ID Labels web site. They have a really simple ordering process which allows you to create your own identification label right there on their site. You simply type-in your name and phone number and you’re literally done in less than two minutes. The labels look fantastic and they don’t stand out like a sore thumb on your golf clubs. And, to top off the deal, MaverickLabel.Com offers free shipping on this product!

I had been thinking of purchasing an expensive set of Ping golf clubs, but was very reluctant due to my carelessness. But, with my new ID labels in hand – I went ahead and bought the new Ping clubs for an upcoming business trip to Florida. I put the great looking labels on each of my clubs with confidence and took them with me to Orlando the next week.

I loved the new clubs and was having a great round of golf with my new business associates. Everything was going great until I got to the 11th hole. I was about 75 yards from the green, in a bit of rough grass. So, I began digging through my bag to find my pitching wedge. And, to no real surprise… It was not in my bag! I couldn’t believe it. I had left the club at another hole – again! I finished the hole with my 9 Iron and we then went back a few holes, asking the golfers behind us if they had seen my club. But, unfortunately for me, none of them had.

To make a long story short, we finished the round without my pitching wedge and waited at the clubhouse for a couple of hours to see if anyone had found the club with no luck. I continued to call the golf course for a few days after my trip, but it was never turned in.

This might be the end of this story, but then, about two weeks later… The course manager called my cell phone to let me know that their grounds keeper had found my club in a tall patch of grass on the 4th hole! He mailed my club back to me and I had it safely back in my bag two days later. And, it was all thanks to the ID label I had put on each of my new clubs. Needless to say, I’m very glad I made that purchase from MaverickLabel.Com.

Columbus, Ohio

This is exactly why we also offer IDMyStuff Labels and related items like our Asset Tags. So, take it from Kevin and be sure to label all your personal and company property. If it doesn’t have label on it, there is no way an honest person can return your lost goods.

Mark Trumper
MaverickLabel.Com CEO

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