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Ever seen bumper stickers that read “Don’t like my driving? Then quit watching me.”

You can’t help it. It’s funny and staring you right in the face as you sit at that red light waiting for your evening commute to be over.

Bumper stickers are everywhere from the simple “My child is an honor student” to “My kid beat up your honor student,” from “Clinton finally went to Vietnam” to “Clinton 1996.” Those little rectangular adhesives have been making political, satirical and, often times, off-color remarks for as many years as people have been driving.

Political Bumper Stickers
However, there is no more effective form of advertising available that is as widespread and as well-placed bumper stickers.

Imagine how many miles an average person drives each year. How many cars would that person drive in front of? How many people could that one simple bumper sticker send out your message to?

Bumper sticker advertising guarantees a captive audience for at least a few minutes. With the mind-numbing monotony of the daily commute, there is nothing better than something funny to break that wearing ride to and from work. And with the proper message, those people are highly impressionable – especially for politicians who love captive audiences.

Name recognition is everything in politics. The more times a driver sees a bumper stickers telling him to vote for one particular politician, there’s a likelihood that he may be persuaded that way. Voters need that name recognition to help make their decision.

Bumper stickers can help voters remember since they will likely recall that funny or thought-provoking message by that politician. Even if people don’t know what exactly a candidate stands for, well-placed advertising and name recognition can go a long way at the polls.

And there is no more cost effective way to ensure that name recognition than through bumper sticker advertising. After all, who doesn’t read bumper stickers – whether in traffic or in a parking lot? And if it is a funny bumper sticker, all the better.

With bumper stickers, the expense is minimal and long lasting versus print, radio, television or Internet media where the audience can choose to change from captive to distracted elsewhere.

Politicians use demographics to their advantage, hitting those areas hard where they believe their voters will be. But what about those swing votes or those voters who just aren’t sure? What about those voters who aren’t in the politician’s demographic? How are they going to get the message?

Unlike a television or radio spot that only hits certain demographics, a bumper sticker has a much better chance of hitting more people from more demographics than any other type of advertising. Unlike print or Internet media, bumper sticker advertising doesn’t require a voter or client to pick up a paper or click on a certain link to get your message across.

The key to any good advertising campaign is a captive audience – one that won’t click away from the television or radio station or from the Web site. With bumper sticker advertising, drivers are that captive audience.

Not only does the politician get her name recognition, but also the advertising is much more cost-effective and more widespread. After all who can resist reading a bumper sticker?



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