Banned Beer Label – Santa’s Butt

Being in the label industry you keep your ear to the ground about interesting label news. Yes, some label news is interesting.

With that in mind please read the snippet below about the beer label that was banned for showing Santa’s butt. If you life what you read, please read the entire article by clicking here: Beer Labels, the Constitution, and a Fight over Santa Claus.

Winter is an important time for micro- and craft-brewers. The colder months mean that the heavier beers sell better, and beer aficionados love their holiday-themed beverages. The heavy ales and porters — beers that warm the drinker — lead to sales spikes in the winter. For one of their special holiday beers, Ridgeway brewers had Gary Lippencourt paint them a Santa.

Lippencourt painted a warm image of Claus; the jolly man is sitting atop a large beer barrel (or “butt” in industry lingo) with his back to the viewer, a stein in one hand, and his famous list in the other. The painting wasn’t meant to cause controversy. No, it was meant to be a clever visual pun, perhaps bringing a chuckle, and hopefully sell some beer. Read on…



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Your Santa Butt’s label was very well done. I enjoy selling products with a little humor. Great job!

I don’t understand the reason for the banning at all. The Coppertone label is more risque than this. I think this is a unique label and looks great. I think people have more of an issue with the name Santa’s Butt than the label itself.

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