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It’s that wonderful time of year – back to school! By now I’m sure you’ve received a list from your school district outlining what your kids need to be prepared for the new school year. It can be a significant expense, so safeguard your investment with some personalized ID labels for all that new gear. IDmyStuff® has what you need.

IDmyStuff® labels come in three different sizes. These fit everything from pens, paintbrushes, and tablet styluses to phones, laptops, and bigger equipment. Does your school have a “Wheels Week” when students bring in their own bikes, skateboards, and scooters for P.E.? Make sure those wheels (and the helmets and other safety gear) have name labels for easy identification!

IDMS labels are durable, dishwasher- and microwave-safe, and come in nine brilliant colors. While we don’t recommend them for use on clothing, we’ve had moms tell us that they’ve put the labels on jacket or coat tags and had them stay in place through laundry cycle after laundry cycle.

So Many Choices

IDmyStuff all 9 colors
There are three lines for text, with up to 30 characters per line. Most people use for those for name, phone, and email. For school-age kids, you can use those lines for student name, school name, and homeroom number or teacher name. This is particularly helpful if your child is too young for a cell phone or if the school doesn’t allow them. Anyone finding a lost item on school grounds can return it quickly to someone in charge, and your child will get it back right away.

Our red, blue, black, pink, lavender, teal, and apple-green labels have white text. Our white and yellow labels have black text for better readability. Each sheet has 29 labels in three different sizes. This includes 6 slim ones that fit narrow locations, like along the edge of a pencil or colored marker. There are also 16 medium labels, and 7 large ones. One sheet is $9.95; if you order through our website you can get volume discounts for 3 or more. Free shipping to US addresses.



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