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Image showing a collection of different barcodes

How To Choose The Right Barcode For Your Application

With so many different types of barcodes available, understanding which one to use for your specific application can be daunting. In this post, we’ll walk you through the most popular 1D and 2D barcode types, the common applications for each,

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Three RFID labels showing only the microchip and antenna

A Brief Overview of RFID Tags

What Is A RFID Tag? Radio Frequency Identification Tags, or RFID tags, are a microchip and antenna attached to a paper-thin base that can be placed in a label. The microchip antenna is the conductive element that enables the microchip to

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Top 10 Wine Bottle Label Designs

10 Wine Bottle Label Designs You Should See

Designing a wine bottle label can be a daunting task! To help ease this process some, we have gathered 10 wine bottle label designs which we believe were executed wonderfully. Use this list for inspiration, see how other labels have incorporated foils,

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Variety of IDMyStuff colors

ID MyStuff Labels Let Everyone Know Hands Off

ID MyStuff Labels Let Everyone Know Hands Off – Its Yours! It seems we have more and more personal possessions today. Ipods, iPads, MP3 players, designer sunglasses, laptops, cellphones, just to name a few favorites. And it is no surprise

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Basketball with fire sticker on car trunk

Why You Should Have Weatherproof Labels

Weatherproof labels broaden your label applications and possibilities. Any surface that is exposed to sun, water, or extreme temperatures, requires special consideration for your labels, but these same surfaces have exciting possibilities. Regardless of the specific reason you use weatherproof

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Identification label with gold print on golf club

Identify Those Golf Clubs with Golf Club Labels

Identify Those Golf Clubs with Golf Club Labels Some people are just hard to buy for when it comes to gift-giving occasions. Either they seem to have everything they need and/or want or they don’t want anything. When holidays come

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Sheet of customized name tags with company logo

What’s in a Name Tag? A Lot, Actually

What’s in a Name Tag? A Lot, Actually Planning an event requires a strict attention to detail. In addition to the food, entertainment and logistics, there are a thousand little specifics that must fall into place. Organizers may need to

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Depiction of custom warning label with pictorial panel and word message

Benefits of Printing Custom Warning Labels

Your business is unique, and you need warning labels that are specific to your workplace and products. There is no reason to sacrifice safety with a generic warning sign that is not quite what you need. Get custom warning labels

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Multiple wine bottles with custom labels

Eight Tips for Using Custom Wine Labels Effectively

Eight Tips for Using Custom Wine Labels Effectively   Everyone has heard the old adage about not judging a book by its cover, but if people are honest with themselves, they will admit that the images accompanying a product can

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Red white and blue foil circle Made In USA sticker

Benefits of Promoting Made In USA Labels

Benefits of Promoting Made in the USA  Are you in the habit of inspecting the products that you purchase to see where they were actually manufactured? Some people might not think to do this very often, but it actually might

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