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2019 Scholarship Program

MaverickLabel 2019 Scholarship Winners We are pleased to announce that we have selected two outstanding students as our 2019 MaverickLabel scholarship winners. The field of applicants was amazing, but these two stood out. Congratulations to Holland Danskin (GA) and...

Wiffy Scents Bottle Labels

Heavenly Aromas with Lovely Labels Ok, we’ll admit it. We’re a little crazy for dogs here. One of our reps put through a big order from Wiffy Scents for brightly colored bottle labels recently. When we learned it was destined for a line of scents for dogs, we were...

Come Chat with Us

Questions about Labels? Live Chat with Us Start a Chat A chat window will come up at least once every time you enter our website. If you dismiss it by clicking on the x in the upper right, it generally will not come back again...

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