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Why You Should Have Golf ID Stickers

Reasons to Use Golf ID Stickers Golf is one of the world’s most pleasurable pastimes, and for better or for worse, it is also one of the most expensive. To pursue golf seriously, players need a huge amount of equipment, plus club memberships. They may also transport...

Top Five Uses for Asset Tags

Asset tags are labels or stickers designed to be placed on items of value. Use these tags to identify and keep track of your personal and business property. Applying asset tags to your possessions is a simple, yet highly effective means of preserving your valuables....

Introducing: I Voted Stickers

It's time to start thinking about your municipality’s I Voted stickers. These little stickers can be an incentive as well as a reward for doing your civic duty. So many people share photos of themselves on Facebook, Instagram and other social media with their stickers...

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