Tips to Create a Great Appointment Card Sticker

Tips to Create a Great Appointment Card Sticker

Appointment Label Cards

  • Use a clearly read font like Times New Roman or Arial. Appointment Card Stickers are compact, fit perfectly to go on a business card.
  • Try to make the font as large as you can so that customers/patients/clients can read information easily.
  • Choose colors wisely. It’s important to have the colors that “brand” your business but you also want your appointment card stickers to be clear and easy to read. Don’t use light and bright colors like orange and yellow. Try darker colors that are easier on the eyes like navy or dark green for accent.
  • Put all text in black or navy to make it easy to read.
  • Most companies want to add their logo to their appointment card stickers. Sometimes a logo will not shrink to that size well and still look attractive. If this happens, consider using an image that represents your business, knowing that your logo will appear on your business card the appointment card is attached to.



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